• Long Term Ombudsman Services of San Luis Obispo
  • Long Term Ombudsman Services of San Luis Obispo
  • Long Term Ombudsman Services of San Luis Obispo
  • Long Term Ombudsman Services of San Luis Obispo


Facility Resident Services


Ombudsman regularly advocate for improvements in resident care and work to improve their quality of life. In addition, during conflicts the Ombudsman acts as a neutral third party representing the interests of the care facility resident.

Complaint Investigation and Resolution

Ombudsman investigate complaints made by or on behalf of care facility residents. Complaints can be made regarding any issue; most involve problems with care or abuse.

Eviction Assistance and Prevention

Ombudsman work with facility residents and their families to prevent evictions whenever appropriate. Many residents are unaware of eviction regulations and may become subject to improper evictions without Ombudsman intervention.


Ombudsman provide training to facility staff, residents, and family regarding care issues, Residents’ Rights, and elder abuse prevention.

AHCD: Ombudsman are required to witness these forms for residents in Skilled Nursing Facilities. We also provide forms and information to persons residing in Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly.

Community Services

Advance Health Care Directives

The Ombudsman office provides the public with the most current version of the Advance Health Care Directive. In addition, the Ombudsman staff can provide information and assistance to persons completing the form.

Community Education

We provide education at community events regarding long term care issues.

Placement Assistance

We provide lists of care facilities, checklists for helping to choose a facility, and assistance with reviewing licensing history. We also provide assistance with admission agreements.

Information and Referral

We provide information and referral to other agencies regarding long term care in the community.

Lunchtime Training Seminars

We provide information and trainings for employees of large or small companies regarding long term care issues. These trainings have been developed to help reduce absenteeism and caregiver stress for employees caring for their aging parents.

Our Mission

Promoting the highest possible quality of life and care for all residents in long term care facilities.

Ombudsman are committed to providing compassionate and caring assistance to all residents of long term care facilities. We strive to create a culture of respect for diversity by being conscience and supportive of residents’ spiritual or religious belief systems, sexual orientation, gender expression and identity, race, age, cultural background and ability/disability status.